Families: Making the Right Choice

The University of Michigan welcomes all parents and guardians at every stage of the admissions process. No doubt, you’re feeling as overwhelmed as your child—trying to sort through all the information you’ve received from various institutions is challenging at best.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is here to help you through every stage of the application process, from providing information about costs and aid to setting up campus visits and much, much more.

Although this process can seem daunting at times, it is well worth it. By gaining admission into the University of Michigan, your child will gain a first-rate education that will pay lifelong dividends in his or her personal and professional life. Thanks to a combination of academic excellence, strong faculty mentoring, and opportunities for community-based learning programs, your child will benefit from a multi-dimensional education that builds the kind of critical intelligence needed to not only succeed, but thrive in today’s world.

If this sounds like the kind of successful outcome you seek for your student, we encourage you to contact us for answers to all of your questions. Or, better yet, visit our dynamic campus today and experience The Michigan Difference for yourself.