University of Michigan is home to more than 13 world-renowned undergraduate schools and colleges, more than 27,000 undergraduate students, and a mentoring, friendly faculty of more than 8,000. But it also is an uncommonly close-knit and diverse community.  All the personal guidance you need is here, in special programs and small composition classes of 18 students or fewer, language classes with no more than 25, calculus classes with about 30 students, and 170 freshman seminars specifically for small groups of fewer than 20.   

At U-M, you will apply to one specific school or college, or for dual enrollment in two schools or colleges.  

Seven academic units admit freshmen:

Four units only offer preferred admission to freshmen:

  • Business (Freshman preferred admission, Sophomore regular admission)
  • Education (Freshman preferred admission, Junior regular admission)
  • Information (Freshman preferred admission, Junior regular admission)
  • Pharmacy (Freshman preferred admission, Junior regular admission)

Two units admit students at the end of the freshman or sophomore years:

Not surprisingly, you'll find that while our admissions process is highly selective, it also is personalized, comprehensive, and fair. Your grades are important, but we also evaluate your application on the overall person that you are -- your potential for leadership and innovation, your passions, and your dreams for tomorrow.  

For assistance with technical issues in completing the application, see our special tip sheet on the Common Application.