Information for Deferred Students

What does it mean to be deferred?

The decision to defer your application simply means that we need additional time to review your credentials and determine how your strengths and academic achievements would fit with the composition and quality of this year’s freshman applicant pool.

Why was I deferred?

Michigan is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the world and, as such, admission is extremely competitive. Applications to the University of Michigan are surging this year, but the available space in our freshman class has not changed. With a limited number of spaces, we are unable to admit all qualified students.

How do you decide who to admit from the deferred list?

Basically, we need to get a complete look at this year’s applications before we make any decisions. We give each application multiple comprehensive reviews, focusing on quality of the academic preparation in high school, grades, scores on the ACT with writing and/or SAT, personal characteristics and attributes, responses to the short answer and essay questions, and recommendations from high school counselors and teachers. For more information on how we review applications, please review our Evaluation Guidelines.

When will I know if I’ve been admitted?

You’ll get a final decision by early April. That decision will be: admit, deny, or waitlist. If you’re put on our waitlist—which means there could be a place for you in our next entering class if spots open up—you’ll get a decision by mid-summer at the latest. 

What should I do next?

We know being put on the deferred list isn’t the response you were hoping for. And we truly appreciate your interest in Michigan. Right now, you simply need to be patient, keep striving to do your best in school, and make sure to have other options figured out if you’re not ultimately admitted to Michigan. And keep in mind that if you’re not admitted, you can always apply as a transfer student from another institution.