Current Student Transfer Credit Pre-Evaluation

Transfer Credit Equivalency Form

In general, academic courses from an accredited institution are transferable. Please note that this form is a pre-evaluation of the course and may take ten to fifteen business days for our office to complete the request and return it to you. An official evaluation is done upon receipt of an official transcript. You may consult your advisor regarding distribution or major requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of degree requirements for your program.

Important items to keep in mind when completing the Transfer Credit Equivalency form:

  • Please check the Course Equivalencies website to see if your course(s) have already been evaluated.
  • Course descriptions must be attached.
  • In most cases you can expect a response within 10-15 business days of your request, provided that all required information has been submitted.
  • Please limit your selections to three courses.
  • A course must be passed with a grade “C” or better from an accredited institution and cannot be a duplication of courses completed at or previously transferred to U-M.
  • No more than 60 credits may be earned out-of-residence. At least 30 of the last 60 credits for the degree must be earned in residence. 
  • LSA students seeking an A.B. or B.S. degree may have up to 20 credits of non-LSA course work (i.e. art, music, business, etc.). Candidates for a B.G.S. may have up to 20 credits of non-LSA course work.
  • Once you have registered on the Ann Arbor campus, the foreign language requirement must be completed here. Any exceptions require permission from the relevant U-M language department.
  • If you plan to continue in upper-level courses that require math and science prerequisites, you should consult with the appropriate department(s) prior to taking these courses out-of-residence.
  • Students seeking a pre-evaluation for study abroad courses must be registering through an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university and will receive an official transcript from that institution, you may use this form. You may also use this form if you will be studying in a foreign country where the program follows the American pattern of education in term of grades and credits. (Examples include: Institute of European/Asian Studies, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Yonsei University, etc.) Before filling out this form, check the “Out-of-Residence Course Evaluation Guide” to determine if the course you plan to take has already been pre-evaluated. Foreign language courses where course placement level is not known in advance cannot be pre-evaluated.
  • If you are registering for experiential credit/internships through an accredited U.S. college or university for an internship, and will receive an official transcript from that institution, you may use this form. Questions on field work and experiential credit without transcript should be directed to LSA Academic Advising who can be contacted at 734.764.0332.


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