Application FAQs

Questions and Answers about the Application Process 

When should I apply?
We encourage students to apply via Early Action if they know Michigan is one of their top-choice schools. However, you may also apply by the regular admission deadlines.

Is it easier or harder to be admitted through Early Action?
All applications are reviewed using the same standards regardless of when they are submitted.

How do I apply? 
All students must submit The Common Application, including the University of Michigan Questions, and the $75  application fee (or fee waiver request) and all required supplemental materials.

What are the minimum test scores and GPA required for admission? 
There is no minimum required test score or GPA for admission. All applications receive an individualized, holistic review that takes into account all facets of your student profile, not just test scores and grades

Which test should I take—ACT or SAT? 
Michigan considers each test equally and does not have a preference which a student chooses to take

If I take the ACT and SAT, which score does Michigan consider? Will I be penalized for taking ACT or SAT multiple times?
Michigan will only consider the best test score from one sitting and will not penalize students for taking the exam multiple times. We do encourage students to submit all test results as we may use elements of test scores to benefit a students application where applicable even if it’s not representative of their best sitting (for instance, a stand-out ACT-Math subscore would be a plus factor in reviewing an application to the College of Engineering)

Does Michigan consider non-required test results, such as SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams? 
If you include these test results as part of your application, we will consider them only in light of how they might benefit your review. You will not be penalized for low test scores in this case, especially if they aren’t required. Once you are admitted, we will encourage you to send in any Advanced Placement (AP), International A-Level, and Advanced Subsidiary exam results for possible college credit.

Does the University of Michigan Office of Undergraduate Admissions interview applicants? 
No. If you’ve submitted a complete package of application materials, you will have given us more than enough on which to base a decision.

Should I submit more recommendations in addition to the required number? 
No. Our application requirements ask for a breadth of information from you. We feel that breadth is more than sufficient and that the number of recommendations we request is enough.

Will applying for financial aid have an impact on my admissions decision? 
No. Financial Aid considerations go through an entire review process at our Office of Financial Aid.

Is there any way to talk to an admissions counselor during this process? 
Yes. If you have questions related to our admissions process or need specific information about what you should be doing, you can find your admissions counselor and contact him or her on our Admissions Team page.

What is the application fee? 
$75 for U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and international applicants. The application fee is non-refundable.  Students may request an application fee waiver if they are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and provide one of the following:

  • SAT waiver form (please contact your high school counselor to obtain this form)
  • ACT waiver form (please contact your high school counselor to obtain this form)
  • Written request from your High School Counselor on official school letterhead
  • For transfer applicants only, a letter supporting your request for a fee waiver from your current college advisor or an outside individual/agency (Financial Aid officer) that can speak to your need.  A fee waiver form is not required.

Fee Waiver forms and requests can be submitted via the Common Application, emailed to, or mailed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 1220 Student Activities Building, 515 East Jefferson Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316.  Students must provide their full name and UMID#.  

How do I check the status of my application? 
The Common Application clearly indicates when your application has been successfully submitted.  Students are also able to check their application status through Wolverine Access. Please keep in mind that during peak times, it may take up to 10 days for your application to become available there. 

How will I know if I’ve been admitted? 
All admissions decisions are sent electronically from Michigan Admissions <> with the subject line “Your University of Michigan Admissions Decisions”. You will also receive your decision in the mail if you are admitted. In your notification, you will fall into one of a few decision categories: admit, defer, waitlist, or deny. The admit, waitlist, and deny categories represent final decisions which you will be able to see on your Web App Status Page through the link labeled “View Decision”. If you have fallen into the defer category, your application will require additional consideration before we make a final decision and will not appear on the application status link.

Once I’ve been admitted, when do I have to let you know if I’m enrolling at U-M?
As soon as possible. All students must pay their $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit by May 1—however, we strongly encourage students to make their commitment to the University of Michigan sooner rather than later.

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